• Partway through my year in the Writer’s Sudio at SFU my mentor encouraged me to submit to the creative non-fiction contest at Event magazine. I didn’t think the piece was ready. I didn’t believe I was a real writer yet. Contests were for real writers. He encouraged me to submit anyway. I won. And then the piece was selected for reprint (in a condensed version) in the Utne Reader. I guess the piece was ready.
  • Last year I was inspired by an essay published on Literary Mama, to which editors asked readers to respond. My response was selected for publication. It’s a little more personal than most stuff I share, but I’m learning that vulnerability is a good thing. Here it is: Fake it ‘Til You Break.
  • I am honoured to have a short essay about my community garden plot included in the anthology Sustenance: Writers from BC and Beyond on the Subject of Food edited by Rachel Rose. The book is offers an astounding wealth of talent and sheds a light on the importance of food and nourishment in our lives, cities and cultures.
  • I’m writing some poems now. A few have made them past the first readers at literary journals which I take as a good sign. When I get braver I may share some here.